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AutoRun Design Specialty 9.6

With AutoRun Design you can create interactive presentations for CD and DVD
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AutoRun Design Specialty 9.0 is a software for create interactive presentations for CD and DVD, the program have an amazing interface.
The program count with WYSIWYG functions with this function we can create and add buttons, images, links, system icons and more.
When we open the program, we can find amazing tools and options, we can see two toolbars, two panels and one window.
In the first toolbar we can: open a new project, save it, clone, align and the best function that I found in this toolbar is the play button you can see your project before save it.
The second toolbar has more options like: add flash, add a browser, add AVI, add media Player, add a slide show and more.
In our panel we can handle the different part of our presentation like change the images, texts, AVI, Flash in every one of this items we can choose between size, name, caption, font, alignment and more.
This program is a very useful tool to handle our CD and DVD presentation, because we can create in few steps amazing presentations easily and don´t need to have any experience in programation.

Paula Ledesma
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  • WYSIWYG functions that help to handle the program easily
  • Can add flash, AVI, Media Player, Slide Show, images, buttons, sounds and more


  • Hasn´t Disadvantages
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